Best American Food Hamburg Inn No. 2

Hamburg Inn No. 1 is long gone, burned in a fire decades ago, but No. 2 is Iowa City’s most famous restaurant. The traditional diner serves breakfast, lunch and dinner at all times from 6:30 a.m. to 11 p.m., seven days a week, and has been featured on the “West Wing” TV show as well as on the History Channel documentary series “Modern Marvels.” A booth is dedicated to one-time diner Ronald Reagan, and President Bill Clinton was a guest along with countless presidential candidates. The breakfast menu is almost as famous as the Hamburg’s delicious pie shakes — a milkshake with a piece of pie blended in.

What voters said:

  • “There’s a reason why you always have to wait to get seated. People love good food and this has GREAT food!”
  • “Delicious food — but the best shakes available!”
  • “Can’t get more Americana than Hamburg.”

Runners-up: Blackstone, Red’s Alehouse

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